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See Myself Again


I’m going way to fast I don’t have time
to sit and watch the world of change
I’ve got my life into a scheduled rhyme
realizing no refrain
There’s always open roads that we can choose
it’s either future or the past

I get caught up in things I used to do

tryin’ to make daylight last 

Hey I think I see myself again

Living through these changes

from beginning to the end

Hey like a loving long lost friend

I think I see myself again

I think I see myself


I know you got your secrets deep inside
Is that what makes you so damn sure?
Instead of comin’ close you walk away
is that the key to your allure
But when I close my eyes you come alive
I see your long hair flowin’ free

Baby is it true that you don’t ever love

And is it true you always leave


There was a time I forgot who I was
I was a prison of myself

A long unbroken line of crazy thoughts

and wishin’ I was someone else


So many people say they understand

they love you but they turn away

I get to wonderin’ how they fool themselves— and how they live from day to day

Ship Called Love


I’m steppin’ out to meet you
but I don’t know who you are
Where your love is takin’ me
is a mystery by far

I don’t know the road ahead

so baby I’m gonna let you steer

You just drive this big ole’ ship called love   right on outta here

I recently removed myself
from things that made my weary
Baby it’s a shame a love like this
has got to be so scary

Ain’t no rules to follow no

no books that we can read

You just drive this big ole’ ship called love

'cause honey I got what you need


The road is rocky the road is steep
Baby you cant love what you can’t keep

Driver’s Ed ain't gonna do you no good

if you don’t love me the way you should

You sit so quiet behind the wheel
baby what is in your head
you got to pay attention to the road
or else we both are dead

steady on the pedal

no no no don’t turn around

You just drive this big ole ship called love

right on up to higher ground

yeah right on up to higher ground


Winter’s Day


What is the time
What is this place
What is that quizzical look on your face

Did you know me then

Do you know me now

Have you crossed that “in-between” somehow

Was your daydream long and slow and sweet
Like the moment that you melted to the beat

Are you driftin’ your memories away

As you shed the broken wings of a winter day


Your timing is good
the feeling is right
There’s something here between us tonight

But I can’t be sure

the look in your eyes

Don’t mean you won’t cut me down to size


The something you said
the something I heard
There’s nothing like the power of words


In the window first

out the back door last

They always get away too damn fast


Lost Sailor
(Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow)


Compass card is spinning
your helm is swingin’ to and fro
ooh where’s the dog star
ooh where’s the moon


you’re lost sailor
you’ve been too long at sea


some days the gales are howlin’
some days the sea is still as glass
ooh reef the mainsail
ooh lash the mast


you’re lost sailor
you’ve been way too long at sea
now the shorelights beckon
it is the price for being free


yeah the sea birds crying
there’s a ghost wind blowing
it’s calling you to that misty swirling sea
‘till the chains of your dreams are broken
there’s no place in this world

you can be


you’re lost sailor
you’ve been too long at sea
now the shore lights beckon
there is a price for being free


you’re driftin’ and driftin’
yeah you’re driftin’ and dreamin’
‘cause there’s a place you’ve never been
maybe a face you’ve never seen
you can hear her calling on the wind
oh honey drift your life away

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