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Burning Fuse
Unsuspecting is the mind,
unfitting is the crime
That makes you want to
eave this world behind


Memorize the landscape

and hope that there is time

To live out all the days of your design

A lot is comin’ down it’s true,
there’s a lot of work to do.
A lot of life we stand to lose.

The options are now clear to us,

it’s time we have to choose.

Sundown’s coming on ….

a burning fuse.   

Brush off all the things that have
become your ball and chain …
Nothing’s gonna last you very long.

Listen to the questions

that you always asked yourself

Listen to the answers right or wrong

Waking up today,
I wandered into someplace far away
People rushing by like highway signs,
looking in their eyes they draw the blinds


In a film I’ve seen …
frightened children in a war-torn dream

They are just the same as you and I

save the world but darlin’ don’t you cry.


People are goin’ wherever they want to
I don’t want to get in their way

I got my goals too,

and they just might include you

Come on I’ll show you the way   


On the street at night,
it’s hard to separate the wrong from right
It’s easy when you find out who is real,
and who is fakin ‘bout the way they feel


Underneath it all
I’ve seen the writing on these city walls

Sometimes I hear them talking back to me

Telling crazy lies that I believe           

Once Upon A Day

I’m grateful toward a righteous ship of good fortune

I’ve been feeling nothing for no one

See him leave, watch her smile

right on time … that’s his style



How the world turns slowly around me

But I still can’t see it without me

though my eyes, catch the day

deep inside, gone astray


Once upon a day

I did marry a young soldier, once upon a day

Somehow I stayed young

but the war it made him older

once upon a day



it takes years of slow, careful tending

Because time leaves no room for yearning

Fancy flight, children sigh,

wish on stars, keep me high



holds too much power for reason

While I fantasize I am struck numb

Sometimes touch, we are true

playing games, me for you


some people struggle with questions.

They know what lies right before them

Taking steps, some mistakes

Needing love, but living hate


our minds hold secrets elusive.

We don’t see how precious our time is

Share the day, time for change

it’s for real, not the same


Restless Age


I’m finally back home,
after bein’ out on the road       
But it feels as if I don’t quite belong


Yeah I’m back inside,

after taking that ride,

But it feels like something’s been denied me


Oh …. the restless age
All the time I spent alone
and all the years I’ve stayed

Oh … the graceless stage

of all these thoughts inside my head

and the clean, white page


I had some friends who found their groove, they were high and on the move

But I felt like an intruder in their town


So I had to walk away

feeling quite amazed

at how quickly people change


All too often, I’m inside out

wrong side right.

Tryin’ to get it down in black and white … black and white


I’m starving for a sign

looking down the line

and I know that destiny will have its way

So I’m living on its praise

tryin to change my ways

But it’s hard to fight the years of habit

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